PRAYER CONCERNS: Church Members: Lou & Barbara Broussard, Marie Crawford, Walt & Helen Davis, Sharon Delph, Ruth Dixon, Catherine Funderburk, Sharon Galloway, Jonathan Garris, Harry Gindhart, Zeb Green, Sara Griffin, Fred & Joyce Hart, Jean Hastings, Betty Mac Howie, Vivian Howie, Catherine Vance, Charles & Lucille Wilson.

For Extended Family: Rick Bianco, Catherine Cathcart, Will Gibson, Mark & Jennifer Grier, Mary Holt, Todd Hicks, Dukes Isgett, Mike McCleine, Karen Patterson, Kathy Roscoe, Sarah Smith, Jonathan Starnes, Nancy Stikeleather, Billy Therrell, Lynda Thoman, Mr. Warren.   To add or remove a name, call church or put a note in the offering plate.